Project background:

In today's diversified information carriers, information is mostly presented and disseminated by electronic means, but classified government documents and archives are still transferred by paper carriers, because paper carriers have the basis and reliability. Compared with CD-ROM, U-disk, mobile hard disk, hard disk and other carriers, paper carrier has no effective and economic technical means to control because of its thin thickness and non encrypted file content.
SSLT glass coated composite microfilament is combined with papermaking technology to make anti-theft security paper, which is combined with shengshilongtu detector to form a paper information carrier anti-theft system. The detector will emit electromagnetic signal to stimulate the composite microfilament in the paper to feed back an induction signal. After receiving the induction signal, the detector will send out an audible and visual alarm to remind the carrier or security personnel that the secret information carrier will leave a specific area.

Features of the scheme:

The security paper based on composite microfilament has no difference with ordinary office paper, and can print, copy, scan and fax just like ordinary office paper. As the electromagnetic wave anti-theft system uses electromagnetic wave signal of about 1kHz, its skin effect is not obvious, so it can penetrate conventional shielding materials, such as mobile phone shielding bag, aluminum foil, etc., making it difficult for criminals to hide.
Expand to other office equipment
After miniaturization, the testing equipment can be integrated with printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines, shredders and other office equipment. Make the office equipment have the ability to distinguish the safety paper and ordinary paper. For example, if you use plain paper to copy a secure paper document, the copier will block the operation. If it is found that the operation continues, it will be linked with other security systems, such as calling the camera to take photos, forming a log, giving an audible and visual alarm, and notifying the backstage security personnel to arrive. So as to effectively eliminate the illegal reproduction of paper information.

Technology and application scenarios:

1. Security based, classified mobile hard disk, U disk, CD, notebook protection: EM system, am system
2. Security related documents protection based on anti-theft: EM system, security paper
3. Fixed experimental equipment based on anti-theft, 3C digital product protection: EM system, am system, digital disconnection alarm system

SK- Korea (3 plants)

SSLT security paper anti-theft device in SK three factories in South Korea and Wuxi Hynix put into u


SSLT secure paper detector is supplied to 2 local TSMC factories in Taiwan and TSMC Nanjing, China.

SK China - Hynix

SK China - Hynix three factories are using SSLT security paper detector.

Chinese CXMT storage

SSLT detector and security paper installation CXMT Beijing, Hefei and other factories