Problems to be solved by SSLT for smart convenience stores:

In the background of intelligent development of Internet plus, Internet of things, AI, big data analysis, OMO (online and offline integration), SSLT chart takes the intelligent operation of chain stores as the core, and fully utilizes three technologies of EAS, RFID and EAS+RFID mixing. Through building a IT infrastructure agreement platform from the bottom, we collect and manage data through the intelligent hardware . Software intelligent analysis and cloud data service platform realize the standardization, automation, intelligence and digitization of operation management, improve customer experience, reduce cost, improve efficiency and increase revenue for smart chain stores.

Features of smart convenience store scheme:

1. Features of barcode + am anti-theft scheme:
The scheme combines with SSLT ERP or customer's  ERP docking, through the customer  code self-service settlement platform commodity scanning - confirm commodity details and prices - select payment method - payment success - system start degaussing function - normal leave; Or directly through the SSLT mobile phone scan code payment to achieve fast checkout, the scheme in order to reduce the number of employees, completely follow the existing commodity management mode, but the result is to improve efficiency and save costs.
2. Characteristics of RFID solution
RFID solution is characterized by the realization of goods express reading and long-distance inventory, which can greatly save the time of goods storage, batch delivery and goods allocation, and greatly improve the efficiency.
SSLT through the smart convenience store from customers to leave the closed-loop, through the intelligent hardware terminal data collection, big data analysis, finally realize the data analysis of people, goods and yard, provide data brain for smart retail. More efficient and intelligent for retail.

SSLT product series:

SSLT is committed to intelligent experience, intelligent settlement, intelligent inventory and SaaS big data analysis (acquisition terminal: code scanning recognition system, passenger flow statistics system, face recognition system, customer experience system, intelligent shopping guide system, cloud data transmission system, hot spot distribution system, intelligent shelf system, intelligent POS system, and so on Intelligent anti theft identification system) integrated intelligent system service.