In the 21st century, human beings are enjoying a convenient life.
However, the surrounding environment is gradually polluted.
Harmful substances in the air that are invisible to the naked eye... Haze, yellow sand...
Known as ultrafine dust, PM2.5 ozone, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide...
Bacteria, asbestos, heavy metals, toxic substances floating in the air...
We are surrounded by substances that are deadly to our bodies.
This phenomenon is endangering human health.
Shengshi Longtu provides you with new solutions.
Product features:
1. Human infrared sensing: When the human body passes, the infrared sensing function is started and the equipment starts.
2, in addition to electrostatic function: after the system starts, the human body through the foot and metal pedal contact and special electrostatic means to achieve electrostatic dust removal.
3, dust removal function: in the state of no static electricity, the dust falling through the metal pedal in the small particle steel ball space extrusion, through the powerful suction effect is transmitted to the vacuum host chamber.
4, sterilization function: inhalation of the main body of the dust through ultraviolet sterilization treatment.
5, technical function: prompt consumables replacement time 
; Powerful industrial vacuum engine 
; HEPA filter up to 0.2pm; 3 double filter function non-woven filter 
; Air shower special body (air shower room, can be installed); One-body product.
Place of use:
1. Floating dust is easy to flow into more public places:
Office buildings, parking lots, hotels, department stores, exhibition halls, supermarkets, stations, airports, banks, etc
2. Manufacturing plant:
Semiconductor,PCB, screen, fine parts, precision processing, medicine, food, etc
3. Public welfare places: schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc
4, other: security access, boarding, military facilities, etc