Asset management is an important aspect of the application of digital RFID technology. At present, the asset management departments of large enterprises and institutions across the country have transitioning from purely manual management to RFID technology.
RFID technology is used to realize the purpose of automatic asset entry and exit through intelligent devices. Asset management to achieve the following functions:
1. Digitalization of asset management
2, automatic warehousing, warehousing without manual borrowing and returning.
3, automatic record of asset circulation, can check the asset situation at any time.
4, statistical asset information, asset management is clear and clear.

Features of the scheme:

Our company's RFID intelligent asset supervision system is based on the core RFID RF technology of Internet of things. Set information identification, information transmission records, optional sound and light alarm in one of the asset automatic identification and intelligent supervision system. The system can effectively integrate all kinds of asset management and anti-theft monitoring together. Realize the intelligent management of important and valuable assets such as anti-theft alarm, asset inventory, inspection, borrowing, warehousing and statistics.
According to different scenarios, SSLT asset management system uses employee card, ID card, face recognition and other authentication modes; No one or someone management mode; With high frequency RFID, ultra-high frequency RFID and active RFID technologies, combined with Internet of things technology, the system can realize the functions of warehousing, borrowing, collecting, inventory, scrapping, anti-theft alarm, alarm identification, etc. a set of system can be compatible with three technologies, and realize the direct active monitoring of assets through real-time perception, real-time response and real-time alarm. The system fully considers the customer needs and application environment, easy to install, easy to operate, flexible and convenient to use.
This system is often used in financial, scientific research units, military, public security, warehousing and other enterprises and institutions, as well as schools and other scenes.

Asset management object and Application Technology:

1. File security and identification management:
Corresponding products: high frequency RFID system, ultra high frequency RFID system
2. Anti theft and identification management of notebook, USB flash disk and mobile hard disk:
Corresponding products: high frequency RFID system, ultra high frequency RFID system
3. Anti theft and identification management of power, storage and office tools:
Corresponding products: high frequency RFID system, ultra high frequency RFID system
4. Management of confidential documents of troops, scientific research institutions and chip companies:
Corresponding products: EM electromagnetic wave system security paper security printer handheld detector
5. Anti theft and identification management of museums and valuable exhibits:
Corresponding products: high frequency RFID, ultra high frequency RFID, EAS anti-theft, EAS + RFID