Scheme background
To carry out nationwide reading and build a bookish society is a major event related to national quality and the future of the nation. Cultivating national cultural self-confidence is a long and silent process, and it is also a process that a country must complete if it wants to become strong. Among them, reading plays a vital role in improving cultural confidence, especially in forming deep and lasting cultural confidence.
In today's era, what kind of national reading is advocated? How to build a scholarly society? How to play the important role of reading in the process of cultivating and promoting socialist core values? It is necessary to accelerate the national reading at the national level and build a bookish society.
City reading space characteristics:
City reading space is a new type of borrowing mode system equipment with extended services outside the library. The system equipment uses RFID technology, face recognition technology, big data analysis, Internet communication technology, remote monitoring technology, etc., to achieve 7*24 hours of self-service lending service, which can be borrowed and returned at any time in the same city and other places, and can share collection resources with the library.
City reading space can be found in coffee shops, hotels, airports, railway stations, office halls, communities and other places, so that everyone can "have a book at hand" at any time and anywhere, and strive to open your reading life.
A face, a book, can be borrowed at the door of the cafe at any time, can bring you not only convenience, not only the cultivation of book reading habits, but also the enjoyment of intelligent life.
Product features:
Fast multi-book loan and return: Support multiple books at the same time.
Independent management of library areas: Each unit is equipped with an independent electronic lock.
Authentication: Support face recognition; Qr code, ID card, card reader, etc.
Real-time monitoring: Configure the monitoring host and monitoring camera to realize remote 24-hour video monitoring.
Simple maintenance: Modular equipment integration, ordinary personnel can carry out maintenance and replacement parts maintenance.
Combined extension: Supports one master tape and multiple slave tape modes, which can be expanded and combined based on application scenarios.
Network expansion: Support wired, WIFI, optional 2G/3G/4G/5G network.