DSP800 Library Data Platform

The iAiot-DSP800 library intelligent service platform is a comprehensive data service platform that realizes precision service for readers, intelligent book matching and intelligent recommendation, intelligent allocation and management of library space and assets, data visualization and business decision-making through comprehensive portrait and matching analysis of readers, books, full scene library terminals and business data.

Function description:

1. Reader center: multi-dimensional identification tag: covering the basic attributes, interests, behaviors, scenes and other dimensions of readers, it helps managers to draw a picture of readers from multiple perspectives, achieve multi-faceted intelligent perception and experience, and increase the service level of library users.
2. Book Center: With books as the core carrier, it builds book related data information around the book life cycle, and analyzes and displays business data such as library collection, borrowing and returning, in library, borrowing, and ranking by category in real time.
3. Intelligent terminal data center: it realizes terminal data extraction and analysis by centering on reader identity, library entry, book borrowing and returning, seat reservation, intelligent consumption, anti-theft and identification outside the library and other businesses.
4. Space Management Center: It provides the administrator with the analysis of library space management decisions based on the data analysis of the current day's passenger flow, accumulated passenger flow, number of people in the library, peak period of readers, seat occupancy rate, etc.
5. Analysis and Decision Center: The library manager realizes the following through the intelligent matching of readers, books and intelligent whole scenes:

(1) Smart book recommendation: recommend popular reading resources of similar user identity groups to readers based on multi angle portrait analysis of readers; Through the analysis of user's reading behavior data, the author's relevant works of recent books can be recommended for readers. At the same time, the keyword matching and resource classification tag matching of resource names such as book topics can be performed. At the same time, new related books can be intelligently pushed through WeChat service number.
(2) Intelligent book selection: through comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of the internal knowledge needs of each reader, according to the book content and the interactive data between readers and the library, a highly matched intelligent library is gradually formed.
(3) Smart book sharing: through comprehensive analysis of readers' reading preferences, establish a fan group of readers for certain books, and conduct interactive reviews, so as to deepen the profound understanding of books, increase the friendship between students and improve reading preferences.
(4) Intelligent space management: provide space decisions for managers through comprehensive analysis of readers' use of space, time, resources and other data in the library.

6. Unified login platform: provide readers with a unified login portal for library collections, electronic reading and digital resources. Realize convenient management.
7. Data visualization platform: Integrate the library's business platform data, cooperate with the library's big screen, and realize the library's operation data visualization through the business modularization of the smart library.