SSLT SAAS Cloud ERP realizes simple retail invoicing and storage business. The system supports cloud invoicing and processing; self-service code scanning and settlement; support for RFID bulk goods and RFID chip bundling, multi-product intelligent rapid identification and payment product QR code.
System functions:
1. System management: Includes user management, menu management, operation log, login log, configuration management, enumeration menu, device version record and other functional modules
2. Product management: contains functional modules such as classification, brand, product attributes, product units, product information, price configuration, out-of-stock alarm, and promotional activities.
3. Warehouse management: including warehouse, cargo area, and cargo space management modules
4. Merchant management: including management modules for dealers, shops, smart devices, consumers, manufacturers, and suppliers
5. Business documents: Contains sales order, warehousing, warehousing, inventory orders, distribution orders, and order placement management modules
6. Statistical report: Includes inventory query, preference data, try-on item TOP10, sales item TOP10, item sales statistics, sales inventory affairs, stock-out alarm, dead stock, dead stock TOP10 management module