CAS80 Customer data analysis platform

CAS80 Customer data analysis platform provides managers with product data based on the matching of this group by making portraits of the off-site, entrance, site location, stay time, appearance, gender and age of customers in stores and stores.

1、Data applications provide the following core foundation of business analysis for retail terminals
◼ Quantify the contribution of each retail terminal
◼ Real-time rapid generation of retail terminal overall ranking, quickly find problems, timely stop loss
◼ Enhance the initiative of shop contract negotiation, objective and persuasive when adjusting rent
◼ According to the reasonable planning, adjust the business mix of each floor
◼ Quantifying the capacity of each retail terminal, quickly find the advantages and disadvantages
◼ Quantify the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns and optimize marketing strategies and return on investment
◼ Insight into the comprehensive capacity and operating efficiency of retail terminals in different cities
◼ Make business decisions objectively
• Accurate analysis of the retail terminal performance fluctuation reasons
According to the passenger flow data and conversion rate analysis master the current situation of retail terminals
Operation management
Optimize the ratio of sales staff to customers(STAR),achieve the optimal terminal operation human cost control
According to the change of passenger flow and the number of customers staying in the retail terminal, effectively allocate maintenance personnel, reasonably adjust energy and service guarantee human resources, and control the overall operation cost of the retail terminal
◼ Marketing services
Optimize marketing input to attract customer flow with the best marketing cost
Use new traffic and sales to evaluate the target of marketing input

2、Functional specifications

1)Passenger flow inquiryCase field passenger flow query, entrance and exit passenger flow query, floor passenger flow query, channel passenger flow query, shop passenger flow query, regional passenger flow query

2)Passenger flow analysisHigh and low peak time analysis, regional high and low peak analysis, weather factor analysis, activity and holiday analysis, human attribute analysis

3)Operational KPI analysisKPI analysis of case operation, KPI analysis of shop operation, KPI analysis of case operation ranking list, shop operation ranking list, KPI analysis of display effect

4)Comparison of operation KPICase field/shop/area KPI comparison, regional comparison of passenger flow