GAS80 Preference Analysis System
Product description: It is mainly used for the display and experience of new and key recommended products in smart stores. For new or popular products, when a customer likes which product, as long as it is placed in the induction zone, this area details the product information and supports online direct Place orders, support MQTT, CAN Internet of Things protocols, the system can be seamlessly connected to big data platforms to achieve intelligent hardware management and sales data analysis. This product is mainly used in clothing smart stores, smart convenience stores, book store smart stores, 3C digital smart stores, boutique smart stores and other places.

Function Description:

Function 1: When the user picks up the product, the corresponding video and picture will pop up on the big screen, displaying the product price, details, and usage methods in all directions.

Function 2: Support WeChat, Alipay and other users to scan codes and buy with one click.

Function 3: You can take away the successfully purchased goods without worrying about the alarm on the scene. Shengshi Longtu has released the alarm bit function in the cloud through a white list.

Function 4: Support online purchase and link to the online platform to achieve the same paragraph, same price, and same inventory online and offline. Consumers can choose to ship home or pick up the goods independently.