CS60 passenger flow statistics system
With the use of C50\60\C80 passenger flow counter, the acquisition and analysis of intelligent hardware passenger flow data is realized.
Software main interface functions:
1. Start operation: start reading the data of each sensor. Make sure the software has a counter record before you start reading data.
2, detect the counter: detect the counter connected in the system, and return the counter model, machine number, baud rate, connection serial port, etc.
3, counter management: manage each counter, including: add counter records, modify counter records.
4. Parameter setting: Set system parameters for the client software.
5, User management: management software users, including: add users, delete users, modify user rights.
6, lock: Minimize the software to run in the background, and leave an icon in the system taskbar.
7. Exit procedure: completely exit the software and no longer collect passenger flow data.
8, data acquisition: display the software last successfully detected, and saved to the software counter records.
9. Data statistics: Statistics of passenger flow data collected in the database in the form of charts.
10. Event monitoring: Display the process and results of software data collection.
11, collection list: display software collection data results.
12. Error log: Displays the error log that occurs in the process of software data collection.