CS08A people counter and alarm identification system
iRFID-CS08A flat-panel bidirectional passenger flow + alarm statistics system for smart assets, libraries, smart stores and other scenes RFID intelligent anti-theft and identification system embedded supporting products, 7-inch Android integrated machine embedded anti-theft antenna frame, can realize the day in and out of the passenger flow, cumulative statistics; Sub-channel display product alarm times, alarm product name recognition and other functions, you can also add alarm voice prompt function according to customer requirements.

Product features:

1, the day, cumulative inbound and outbound passenger flow statistics;
2, sub-channel commodity alarm statistics;
3, sub-channel asset alarm name identification;
4, customized voice prompts according to customer requirements;
5, with MQTT, CAN Internet of Things protocol standards, can be seamless connection to Wanlian cloud intelligent management cloud platform, to provide real-time data acquisition for big data platform.