CAS60 video people counter analysis system
CAS60 video passenger flow analysis system is a software system for intelligent retail stores, libraries, asset management and other places to carry out customer flow analysis and hot spot distribution analysis.
Function description:
The system can continuously monitor the flow of designated smart stores and store outsiders, obtain the flow data, and make statistics on the flow, obtain the flow changes over time, the flow data of different places at the same time, and on this basis, combined with the smart store business management system, in-depth analysis of the flow data characteristics of smart stores, under the standard environment, With high statistical accuracy, it can provide real-time, intuitive and accurate traffic data.
Functional features:
1. Support direct access to the system platform through Internet Explorer and other mainstream browsers, without the need to install a separate C/S client, you can view the visitor traffic system statistics and display related report functions;
2. Support to display the flow of visitors in and out of the museum on that day, enter the flow statistics sub-module - daily statistics, you can select any date and any designated area camera for flow statistics, support line chart, bar chart with different colors to represent the number of people entering, leaving and in the museum, and support to export Excel format files;
3. Regional hotspot warning: The regional management module in the background of the system can set the threshold of the number of full and crowded early warning people of each regional floor. When the number of people in the library exceeds the set threshold, the information will be reminded, and the corresponding regional hotspot map on the front-end data display page will show a red alarm in real time.
4. It can be realized. Entering the passenger flow statistics module, you can carry out the statistics of the flow of people at the single entrance of the monitoring area at any time.
5. The system interface is simple, the area module is intuitive and easy to understand, the main monitoring interface frame diagram can be displayed according to the camera box of each floor area, and the details of all monitoring areas, area id, area name, camera number and other information can be viewed in the area list, and the camera configuration parameters can be added and edited;
6. The system supports daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports and other reports, and needs to be able to display a variety of images such as bar charts and line charts;
7. User-defined statistics can flexibly define the query content based on user requirements. Summary statistics at any time, statistics of passenger flow distribution at any time, comparison of passenger flow distribution at any time, etc.
8. Automatically detect the outbound/inbound directions of people passing through the specified video area, and make statistics respectively to generate reports.
9. The system has automatic and manual backup functions, and displays the backup list of all system data in the form of a list, such as backup list, backup time, backup file name, file size, backup status, etc.
10. The background supports permission setting and management of operation accounts.
11. Support websites and other multi-party terminal devices to display real-time passenger flow in and out of the museum data, including today's arrivals, this month's arrivals, this year's arrivals, data display time, time bar chart.
12. Support data transmission: support the camera to transmit data to multiple systems at the same time.