GS80 intelligent access control security system

SSLT GS80 intelligent access control security system is used for the management of library access control system entrance personnel, unauthorized users prompt and prohibit entry, authorized users can display the corresponding basic information and prompt to allow through. Blacklist users perform background detection and early warning. 


PC client:
1. No one shows the library introduction or video
2. When entering, the large screen pop-up displays the basic information and avatar of the access control system. For example: profile picture, class, name, and prompt permission to enter;
3, by channel display gate into the channel position, time information
4. List the information of several users who have entered the site recently;
5. Information of inbound and outbound passenger flow can be counted
Manage the back end:
1, real-time view the channel personnel information of different access gate channels, passing time;
2, real-time view the passenger flow data of different access channels;
3, according to different time periods to view, statistics of each gate channel personnel, passenger flow data and summary analysis.