AI20 intelligent alarm voice broadcasting system

AI20 intelligent alarm voice broadcast system through the all-in-one machine wall display form, mainly used for library readers who have not checked out the alarm after the alarm, the alarm at the same time for voice playback, such as prompt: you have not checked out the book, please return to handle, etc., voice can be customized Settings.
Function description:
1. When no one passes, the AI voice broadcast interface displays the library introduction or video;
2, if there is an alarm, the voice playback system displays the book information that has not been borrowed in the form of a pop-up window, and does voice playback, such as: *** readers, you have the following books have not been borrowed, please return to handle and other information, prompt information can be customized;

3, after the voice broadcast, the form displays the information of several recent anti-theft books, and the list shows the anti-theft device channel number, time, alarm book name and other information passed by different alarm readers.

4, for EM equipment: the large screen does not show the alarm product name only shows the alarm channel number and times; RFID security door: large screen display alarm book name, channel number, time, times, etc.
5. If the device is embedded with passenger flow statistics, the large screen can display the statistics of inbound and outbound passenger flow