Intelligent shelf analysis system SAS80

SSLT SAS80 smart shelf preference analysis system can be through smart shelf hardware terminal data acquisition (through embedded RFID antenna to achieve customers in a shelf to pick up the number of goods, down time interval), data statistics and analysis, to provide managers with targeted new product research and development efforts, rapid commodity allocation, increase user experience and purchase intention, Intelligent cloud shelves are mainly used in smart clothing stores, convenience stores with high added value, shoe and hat stores, luxury stores, jewelry, glasses and other smart retail stores.

Intelligent cloud shelf for smart retail stores to solve the following problems:
1. Reduce inventory pressure:
Through the same goods: clothing, for example, through the same clothing in different stores to pick up and put down the data statistics, you can analyze a piece of clothing is more suitable for which store sales, the system can do automatic reminder of commodity allocation information. Reduce inventory through timely transfer and increase commodity sales conversion.
2. Increase user experience:
Through the customer preference of smart shelves, Shengshi iot Treasure cloud platform will match people and goods through analysis, so as to reduce inventory pressure and commodity turnover at the same time, so that the data can empower the goods, achieve people, goods and field matching, and increase the user experience.
3, reduce the investment of research and development costs:
For different styles of synchronous research and development, by listing the number of times customers pick up preferences in different stores at the same time, we can grasp the information of customers' preferences for a certain product, so as to carry out research and development investment for the goods picked up more times, and suspend or delay the secondary research and development investment for no goods picked up or purchased, so as to reduce costs and risks.
4, through the intelligent cloud shelf display for the detailed description of the product, video playback, customers can increase the further understanding of the product, increase the willingness to buy, thereby increasing revenue.
5, through the smart shelf terminal data collection, managers can intuitively view the heat ranking of different commodities, heat browsing trend and other data analysis data.