The main anti-theft methods of EAS anti-theft technology are as follows:

RF anti-theft system:fix radio frequency tags on the items to be protected, and install RF antennas at the entrances and exits; using radio frequency identification technology, the system will alarm when the items are brought into the identification range of RF antennas.

AM anti-theft system:it is a resonance phenomenon generated by the tuning fork principle, which realizes almost zero false alarm operation. When the frequency of the transmitted signal (alternating magnetic field) is consistent with the oscillating frequency of the AM tag, the AM tag similar to a tuning fork will cause resonance and generate a resonance signal (alternating magnetic field); ) After the resonance signal (every 1/50 second), the receiving system will give an alarm.

EM anti-theft system:After the customer selects the required product, the magnetism on the product is removed by the degaussing device, and the anti-theft system does not alarm. The anti-theft system will alarm if the customer is carrying non-degaussed goods, or if they have goods that are not processed normally.