New user experience fashion New highlights of shopping in seconds-SSLT "scan code payment" system business launched
In March 2018, the SSLT Internet of Things technology "scanning code payment" system launched a "scanning code payment" mobile self-service mobile checkout brand new sales model, just use the mobile phone to scan the barcode of the product and complete the online payment, which saves shoppers time, It also saves the cashier's workload, which can be described as doing more than one thing, and is welcomed by many consumers.

The "scan code payment" settlement system launched by SSLT Internet of Things technology not only saves time for consumers, reduces the strength of cashiers, improves customer stickiness, drives store performance, but also reflects Linkage Technology has helped the smart store upgrade and development efforts, to achieve a leap in new retail. "

The "scan code payment" self-service settlement system launched by SSLT Internet of Things technology can be linked to existing ERPs in supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, or directly through the cloud ERP provided by the SSLT "Wanlianbao" cloud platform. The SSLT cloud platform provides data analysis and processing to improve the customer experience, reduce operating costs, improve corporate efficiency, and ultimately increase revenue for smart chain stores.

The "scanning payment" system launched by SSLT Internet of Things technology not only realizes second payment, free purchase, helps offline stores to lightly transform new retail, but also facilitates the integration of goods, logistics, storage, technology, and marketing Integrated online and offline integration, the whole plan of new retail transformation.

As an IoT high-tech enterprise with intelligent software, hardware, and big data analysis, SSLT will continue to improve its products and services in the future, making full use of experience and the advantages of IoT technology to provide complete new retail solutions for smart stores. Provide customers with more convenient and enterprise-level services and accelerate the establishment of a new retail cloud service ecosystem.