To help traditional retailers to provide smart transformation, SSLT company makes its grand debut in EuroShop 2020!

EuroShop,GermanyDusseldorf international retail exhibition, founded in 1966, is the world's top retail facilities, equipment, technology exhibition, every three years.From February 16 to 20, 2020, retail professionals from around the world gathered for this industry event——EuroShop 2020!

SSLT company overcame the impact of the epidemic and presented EAS, RFID, EAS + RFID, SAAS smart business management cloud platform and other products under the theme.
In 2020, the global retail industry as a whole will show a downward trend. The domestic epidemic reflects the integration of both online and offline, and the wisdom of matching and experiencing people, goods and fields is the general trend.Smart platform management is imminent.
SSLT company continuously since 2006 to provide technical support for the retailer and the frontier market insight into product and service guidance, from EAS products to RFID, EAS + RFID mixed, wisdom, Internet of things intelligent hardware terminal to data collection and analysis of intelligent management platform, SSLT company continuously on the breadth and depth of retail technology development, become a variety of whole covering retail technology solutions provider.

EAS field
SSLT provides 2000 + libraries, clothing stores, supermarkets and 3C digital services in the EAS field in China and exports to more than 90 countries.In order to better and more comprehensively meet the needs of the retail market, we are constantly improving our EAS products, such as EM+RFID, AM+RFID, intelligent disconnection alarm series and so on.

RFID field

SSLT company around RFID research and development of the clothing, convenience stores, supermarkets, 3 c digital experience store industry such as wisdom from store to store all of your departure series intelligent terminal hardware data collecting, sorting and analysis to the wisdom of SAAS cloud management service platform, at the conference also shows the customer preferences, self-help RFID settlement, passenger flow analysis, intelligent anti-theft and recognition, large inventory, intelligent control and series of functions such as data analysis platform

Intelligent terminal and management cloud platform
The SAIOT platform released by SSLT takes security intelligence S + AIOT as the ai big data platform of smart retail, and applies the data collection, IAIOT data analysis and SAIOT data to the final AIOTPAAS data service through BESTIOT intelligent hardware data collection, IAIOT data analysis and SAIOT data.At the same time, the company has rich advantages in application scenarios. Combined with SAIOT platform, the company has gradually built a series of solutions in each scenario, providing users with one-stop ai big data service, helping users break the barriers between technology, business and data, and mining the commercial value of data.Realize the wisdom of all things.

In the next 5-10 years, AI + IoT + big data has been the core development strategy of SSLT in the future.SSLT will fully open the technology end and application end, promote technology combination in EAS, bar code, Internet of things RFID technology, artificial intelligence, big data and other aspects, and deepen collaborative innovation in smart retail, smart books, smart asset management, smart security and other fields.
In the next few years, more than ten years, SSLT will give play to the spirit of hard work, the spirit of innovation, the enterprise to do a solid, do a good job, with the brand of international enterprises.