SSLT IOT CO., LTD Completed SSLT Brand Upgrade
As an AIOT intelligent terminal+platform+intelligent service provider, SSLT was founded in 2006, focusing on the technology development and application of the Internet of Things, Big data and artificial intelligence technology in smart retail, smart education, smart security, smart asset management and control, smart health management and other smart city fields.

SSLT has independently developed a "terminal+system+platform" to achieve intelligent terminal data collection, analysis, application, service, and control closed-loop intelligent application services in scenarios such as smart retail, education, security, health, and assets.

SSLT forms its service system by building brand positioning: Best Smart Retail, iAiot Smart Education, SiOtHome Smart Security, SiOt Smart Health, iRFID Smart Asset Management, Aiotpaas Precision Marketing, SiOtops Smart Control, Showbao Service Robot, and Wanliancloud Smart Operations Services.

Beijing LTSN (Security) Electronics Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of SSLT, has been engaged in international trade of EAS anti-theft products for 15 years since its establishment. The brand name is SSLT, and SSLT has achieved a good market and international position internationally. With the development plan of SSLT focusing on the Internet of Things, RFID, Big data and artificial intelligence, SSLT's focus on EAS has limited the further development of the enterprise, because the company has upgraded its brand in the following aspects:

1. Upgrade of brand logo

Original SSLT brand appearance:

Upgraded SSLT brand appearance::

The left side of the SSLT brand represents the preservation of the Chinese Tai Chi style, representing SSLT's continued business philosophy of harmony, stability, virtue, and sustainable and healthy development;

The upgrade of the SSLT letter on the right side has become more rounded, indicating that SSLT pursues unity more, with a stronger sense of streamline and higher recognition.

The combination of Tai Chi and SSLT further represents that SSLT always maintains a state of balance and personality in complex environments.

In terms of color scheme, SSLT always maintains orange and deep blue. Orange symbolizes vitality and vitality, while deep blue represents technology and innovation. The combination of the two colors makes technology stronger and more vibrant.

2. Upgrade of brand entities

In the past 15 years, Beijing LTSN (Protector) Electronics Co., Ltd. has been exporting international products under the SSLT brand, and the English name and brand of the enterprise are inconsistent; The brand positioning thinking of foreign customers is also limited to EAS products, which limits the development of the SSLT brand in the direction of the Internet of Things, Big data and artificial intelligence. Therefore, the main body of the SSLT brand has also been changed. The details are as follows:

(1) Changes in brand entities:

The upgraded SSLT will mainly focus on SSLT IOT Co., Ltd., in order to achieve consistency between the Chinese brand SSLT and the English initials SSLT. In addition, SSLT will mainly engage in export trade with SSLT IOT Co., Ltd.'s intelligent terminals, software, and platform full scenario products. Further expand the SSLT brand series of products.

(2) SSLT IOT Co., Ltd. English name upgrade

In order to better align with the development plan of the SSLT brand;

The English name of SSLT will be upgraded from SSLT (Beijing) IoT Technology Co., Ltd to SSLT IOT Co.

At the same time, the removal of regional restrictions in Beijing represents that SSLT will plan, position, and develop its business from an international perspective in the future.

I believe that in the near future, SSLT will provide more professional, high standard, and forward-looking products and services to domestic and foreign users from an international perspective and standards.

SSLT uses technology to make everyone's lives around the world better and smarter!